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Why Us?

Solcloud Assets – Provides a safer medium to transact cryptocurrencies, allows spending of unconfirmed received funds and is completely decentralized, not controlled by any government body. You have total control over your asset.

No transaction fees

Our Wallet is totally free to us as we don't take any transaction fees

No Limit

No limit to what you can store and withdrawal from your wallet


Our systems are up to the date with latest blockchain industrial technology

Accept Over 20 cryptocurrencies

With our Solcloud Assets You can store and accept up to 20 different cryptocurrencies from anyone anywhere in the world and get settled in less than 24 hours.

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Financial Asset Management

Join the global blockchain financial system and take complete control over your assets. Our Wallets are equiped with the latest industrial technology to ensure you get the best service.

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More Features

Do more fast, conviniently and securedly with your brand new Solcloud Assets.

Advanced security

Advanced security for your cryptocurrency. Assets stay securely offline on Trezor.

24/7 human support

Solcloud Assets provides an online help desk and 24/7 customer support to get your questions answered, fast.

Friendly User Applications

Our Applications are designed to offer the best user performance to give the best user experience.

Friendly and easy to use

Solcloud Assets is designed for people who have never used a cryptocurrency wallet.

Industrial Experts

Our team of industrial experts strive hard to always see we give you the best services.

Global recognition

With over 5years of operation. We have established a great community among our users in over 30 countries.

How Solcloud Assets works?

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